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It feels like now, more than I can remember, is one of those times when the stories of suffering from our healthcare ranks are piling up en-masse. The human capacity to heal and overcome stress, trauma, injury, and grief has always fascinated me. As a clinician and leader I know that healing doesn't always consistently happen "on its own". Beyond being adaptive and learning oriented, the current environment requires leadership with overt compassion to allow space for their organizations heal.  It makes me consider (my own) leadership going forward. How can I be more effective as a healer as we move through this storm and its aftermath? Not to be simplistic, its more than just empathy. We have the power and influence to demonstrate, or demand, role modeling from ourselves and our peers for supporting each other and find healing and strength during the recovery process. 

You are the Faces of Courage, Grace and Grit. -cw

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Upcoming Events

June 03, 2020

Central Oregon Regional Council meeting

Meditative/restorative yoga session led by local nurse Erin Collins.  Details and invite to come.

June 10, 2020

Eastern Washington Regional Council Meeting

Will make it a phone only meeting if we cannot meet in person by this date - Tamara
Nursing Leaders,
All meetings will start with networking time, move into a...

June 12, 2020

Southern Oregon Regional Council - Virtual Meeting

If you are interested in attending, please contact Marcy at admin@nwonl.org or the council chair listed below for details and to be added to our regional council contact list.

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